Creating Normalcy with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

How common is ED?

It partly depends how you look at it. If you go with the strict definition of ED, using the IIEF (an assessment or questionnaire about ED symptoms), it has about a 40% lifetime male incidence. That means 40% of us all over the world at one point or another will have erectile dysfunction as categorized by the IIEF.

Instead of the more numerical definition of how common ED is, I can say that personally, anecdotally, in my practice, probably more like 60% to 70% of men are in some way not satisfied with their erectile function. Or, they’re not satisfied with how easy it is to obtain an erection or maintain an erection, or they will explain their penis isn’t hard enough.

It’s important to remember that if erectile dysfunction happens to you; don’t get down about it. ED is normal, and common, and treatable. It’s not going to end your sex life.

Addressing Erectile Dysfunction Head-On

But, ED is a problem that should be faced head-on. Address it. Be direct with your doctor. You can seek an ED treatment that works for you, and take on small lifestyle changes to overcome it.
One of the most important things to remember is this is not something that’s going to get better on its own. This is something that the more you tend to ignore it, the worse it tends to get over time. It’s something that, if you take charge of it, you recognize it, you work on it, you could start to have meaningful improvement pretty much right away.

Removing Pressure and Stress Around ED

I like to encourage my guys to adopt the term “erectile fluctuation,” instead of ‘dysfunction’. I refer to it as a fluctuation because for most guys, it’s not a consistent thing unless they’re dealing with a medical condition, a serious psychological issue, or side effects from medications.

When you realize it’s a fluctuation, you can approach each sexual interaction with more of a clean slate. It’s key to just release yourself of that pressure. It will help your erections and sexual experiences and relationships to adopt a healthy mindset of what exactly is going on. Again, it’s not a stable thing, typically. It’s much more of a fluctuation. If ED is more of a stable condition for you, there are still treatments and measures to get back on track.

ED Doesn’t Define You or Your Relationship

One of the most important things I could tell some experiencing ED is that you are not defined by it. Same thing as a couple. You’re not defined by it as an individual and it does not define your relationship. The same way if you had a cold, you are not defined by your cold.

If your partner has ED, I would have you consider these two ways to approach it.

One is as if your partner didn’t have ED. That’s how little it really needs to be a part of the relationship. You don’t want to kick it out. It’s like you want to include it, but it’s not going to stop you from having really positive successful sexual experiences, intimate experiences, and being close. It’s kind of like—well, there’s a new thing on the menu of possibilities, and we’re going to include that in our repertoire.

And number two, the second important way to define your relationship, is to really have a conversation with yourselves and each other about what really are the most important things to each of you that make a relationship great, and that’s what defines a relationship. Or even more specifically, what makes your relationship great? And that’s what defines it.

Eddie by Giddy: Wearable ED Treatment

Eddie was created to help men with the physiological challenges of ED, as in, the physical flow of blood in and out of the penis. Eddie’s a wearable, medical-grade device that’s soft against your skin, but it’s sturdy. It fits the oval shape of the penis, so it’s comfortable (most wearable products are not).

There’s no reason not to try a body-safe, proven option like Eddie while you continue to improve other areas of your health, wellness, and lifestyle. It can be a big confidence and progress boost to add to your routine. Try an Eddie for yourself.

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