Defining Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Dr. Edwin Morales explains the different ways ED can be defined for different people.

The different effects of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) consists of several different challenges and symptoms to different people. It can be defined in a statistical or a scientific way, or it can be defined as an “inability to obtain an erection or to maintain an erection or any combination thereof.”

ED can also be defined a little more subjectively, like the term erectile dissatisfaction— which is more about not being satisfied with how easy it is to obtain an erection, or the erection that you obtain doesn’t seem rigid or firm enough to satisfy you or your partner.

So while some men struggle to have the physiological effects of being erect, or maintaining an erection, some men are able to accomplish these things but are still unhappy after the fact. It becomes a little softer, less rigid, or it’s inadequate subjectively in some way.

So ED can have a lot of different definitions to different people. It really depends on whether it’s being defined from a personal, subjective, doctor/patient way, or in a scientific, measurable way.

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