ED Severity and Prevalence

How common is ED?

It depends how you look at it. Looking at a strict definition of ED using the IIEF, ED has about a 40% lifetime male incidence. That means 40% of us all over the world at one point or another will have erectile dysfunction as categorized by the IIEF, with a numerical definition.

Personally, and anecdotally, in my practice probably more like 60% to 70% of men are in some way not satisfied with their erectile function. This means they’re not satisfied with how easy it is to obtain an erection, maintain an erection, or how hard it is. And honestly, I feel the other 34% are lying about it.

So, I would say almost 100% of the guys I see feel like they could just be “better” in some way. I’m including myself in that statistic if it makes you feel any better.

How severe can ED be?

Well, it’s a pretty wide spectrum. It can be as simple as “it isn’t as rigid, or as firm as it was before, and it’s not satisfying to me.” Or it can be, “I don’t become rigid or firm enough to penetrate at all,” which would be the most severe form of ED as you might imagine.

Eddie by Giddy

Eddie is a wearable, reusable medical device that can treat the physical symptoms of ED. It’s proven to help guys maintain an erection and help improve their sexual satisfaction. Eddie doesn’t require a prescription, so whether you’re an ED sufferer or the partner of someone with ED, go here to try an Eddie for yourself.

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