The 5 Love Languages

The love languages are a way to define the ways we feel and show love. Not everyone speaks the same love language. For example, one partner can be doing or saying something to show love to their partner, but if the partner isn’t “speaking that love language”, meaning, doesn’t value those acts in the same way, or isn’t recognizing or receiving those acts as love, they aren’t valuing them as such and these messages and opportunities for strengthening the relationship can be lost.

The five love languages are:

  1. Gift-giving
  2. Words of affirmation (verbal/written praise, compliments, confirmations of love)
  3. Acts of service (cooking, cleaning, errands, favors…)
  4. Physical touch (massages, hand-holding, kissing, hugging…)
  5. Quality time (personal connections)

The way that we typically feel the love is also the way we typically give the love. So, for example, if words of affirmation’s really important to me, that’s probably the way I’m going to express love to you or to my partner. But what’s important is to actually talk about it with each other because sometimes we’re giving the thing we want to our partner, and there’s actually something else that would be so much more meaningful to them.

Their level, which is different than ours.

Love Languages and Erectile Dysfunction

And how this applies to ED is you really want to not leave anything out, so if our love language is acts of service, how can we do that around intimacy? How can we do that around this very topic? Or if words of affirmation is my love language, and I’m the one experiencing ED, what can you say to me that can help me feel your love? What words of affirmation, even if it’s literally about my penis. If you want to find out more about the five love languages, there’s a great book called, “The Five Love Languages,” and it’s by Gary Chapman.

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