Nutritional Substitutions for ED

Sugar Is Bad for Erectile Dysfunction

Sugar is the number one thing most people should try to substitute. “Do I have to be cutting out sugar entirely? Can it be a small change? Can it be just a little less?”

It can definitely be small changes, and I feel like that’s where a lot of people should start and have to start so you don’t feel really overwhelmed. So, again, that’s just maybe doing one sweet once a week instead of doing it every day. Or maybe that is if you do do it every day, well, let’s change a sweet to instead of something refined maybe like a banana for something that’s sweet, but it’s more of a whole food form. If you do want a sweet, the best one is going to be like a dark chocolate.

Something 80% or higher. And so that actually has polyphenols that actually help that nitric oxide I was talking about. So dark chocolate you should enjoy.

Sugar In the Raw VS Refined Sugar

Sugar in the raw and refined sugar processes the same. Because it’s sugar. For a small change, try substituting one tablespoon of sugar in your coffee instead of two.

We live in a society that have so many options. Nowadays we have so much available to us. So instead of regular Ice Cream, for example, there is an ice cream made with cashew milk. It contains some sugar, but it’s a healthier alternative. It’s cleaner ingredients.

There’s always a better option. There’s gluten-free donuts and muffins and they’re cleaner ingredients. They’re made with almond flour and more of a non-processed sugar. Still sugar, but you can really enjoy it, and not feel as guilty as you might with something more refined and processed.

Stevia Is A Decent Substitute for Sugar

I love Stevia. My favorite’s a green-leaf Stevia. So that’s a great one along with monk fruit extract. That’s something that’s actually really natural, coming from monk fruit, but it sweetens it up, so if you are missing a little bit of sweet in your coffee, you can put a little bit in.

Another thing we talked about with the food pyramid and having a very grain-heavy diet, a very carb-heavy diet, something that you can do is easily substitute for our leafy greens whether that’s romaine or spinach or arugula or collards, any of the leafy greens can really help as more of a base of having it as your meal.

Using Smoothies For ED & Diet Improvements

Another thing—in smoothies, smoothies are a great option to hide things if by chance you don’t like spinach and you just want to hide it in. But another thing, while it’s not very specific to ED, it’s a great way to reduce the sugar. When we make smoothies, we want to make a lot of bananas and really load it up with fruits, which is great because fruits do have nutritional content.

But we can also substitute. If you’re looking for a thicker flavor, take out a little bit of the banana, less sugar, and add frozen cauliflower or even an avocado. That helps make it creamy and really delicious.

Fighting Hunger While Fighting ED

I could eat grains all day long, and I’m still hungry. I feel like I’m never filled up unless I have some kind of starch or a grain or something. Is that just because I’m eating starches and grains all the time, and I need to cut them out and be less addicted to them?

No. I think when people bring in leafy greens, they forget to add the fats with it, so they forget to use the olive oil, and/or cooking it in coconut oil. So with just greens, while it does have lots of fiber, it’s not as satiating. So you make sure you want to have the fats in it.

Avocado Smoothies and Leafy Greens for ED

So in a smoothie, a good fat you can use is avocado. But you can also use some coconut oil or MCT oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, any type of nut butter like almond butter or cashew butter. All those are really good fats that you can add pretty easy into your smoothie, and really makes it delicious, too.

I love that you told me though about leafy greens and even though you’re trying to switch from maybe like a carb-heavy diet and making those tweaks of adding a little bit of olive oil to make it more satiating. But with erectile dysfunction, having more leafy greens is going to promote that blood flow, so that’s a great job and you should give yourself a pat on the back for it.

Easy Diet Changes for Erectile Dysfunction

Change is difficult for everybody, especially when it comes to diet. Sometimes it’s important to simply focus on the easier wins. Cutting out soda can be hard for some people. If you’re drinking six sodas a day, cut it down to three for a week, and then cut it down to two for a week. Then, cut it down to one, and see if you can survive without any sodas.

If you’re eating lots of sandwiches, see if you can replace your sandwiches with maybe a salad or maybe have your juicy burger with cheese and onions and stuff wrapped in lettuce. A lot of places offer that option. One of the things I like to do is substitute cauliflower rice for my carbohydrate for a meal. Every now and then try substituting rice and roti and naan with cauliflower rice. Here we are, really able to decrease the amount of carbs and sugars that we’re taking in by a good substitution like that.

And the great thing about cauliflower rice—it can absorb a lot of different sauces. And now you’ll see out there in the market with the people eating healthy and low-carb, they have cauliflower-based pizzas, cauliflower-based potato chips and—I guess you can’t really call them potato chips, but different kinds of chips and crackers and things like that.

Sugar Substitutes for Improving Erectile Dysfunction

I have this sugar craving at times, and I like chocolate. One of the things I do is substitute something that’s really sugary like a really sugary candy bar with some of these nut bars that only have five grams of sugar as opposed to 21 grams of sugar, and that’s a great way to—when you’re stressed and you’re craving something a little bit sweet, eat something healthier with nuts and maybe with some chocolate in it.

Coffee can help crave off some of the hunger feelings at times, so when I’m intermittent fasting I drink black coffee. Caffeine can also help lipolysis or burn fat, too, when you’re fasting, so that’s a good way to burn fat.

I’m about 40 pounds down. I’m trying to get a six-pack right now. I’ve never had a six-pack in my whole life, but I’m 44. I’m trying to get there.

Simple substitutions you can be making to your daily meals for fighting ED. This video is part of our larger ED Guide series that is free with every Eddie purchase! Grab your Eddie here. 

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