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Dr. Lax and Dr. Harding explain how gut health, stress, and hormones affect ED.

Nocturnal Erections

Nocturnal Erections and “Morning Wood” What is a nocturnal erection? A nocturnal erection is an erection that happens when you’re not thinking about have any sex. This is something that…

Physical Stress

Dr. Harding and Dr. Lax talk about the physical effects that occur in the body while stressed.

Slow Down to Speed Up

The huge effect that "slowing down" can have in the context of sex and re-establishing intimacy.

Fight or Flight

Breaking down the parasympathetic nervous system, or "fight or flight mode", as it relates to ED.

Physical vs Mental ED

Physical vs Mental Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Achieving an Erection vs Keeping It “Is there a difference between guys who can’t even get it up versus guys who just can’t maintain…

Sensate Focus

Dr. Ansorge and expert Daphne Brown describe the popular therapy method called Sensate Focus.

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