Performance Anxiety During Sex

Performance anxiety is a term that certainly comes up when talking about psychological-based erectile dysfunction. Some men experience performance anxiety with a partner, but don’t experience it alone during masturbation. They have a normal, satisfying experience individually, but when it comes time to be with a partner, they run into problems.

There’s a stigma around performance anxiety. Men are anxious to talk about it, and are reluctant to discuss it with their partner, even though that’s probably a healthier and more effective approach to getting past it. ED and sexual health issues can involve more than just yourself, so remember to tell your partner what you’re feeling. It can help break the pressure and can restore sexual function.

Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction

You can definitely psych yourself out when it comes to ED. After just one episode of ED can cause guys to start living in fear that it’s going to happen again. This is of course not the way to approach it, because then you start confirming your own expectations. Then that starts to preoccupy you, so you’re thinking about that – you’re not thinking about your partner, you’re not thinking about other sexual thoughts, you’re not fantasizing. You’re just worrying about getting it up. That, of course, is not a recipe for success.

Fighting performance anxiety and ED

There are things you can do to reduce pressure on yourself during sex, which can help physically with erections. For one, recognize that everyday stressors are going to affect your ED even more–so maybe lack of sleep, maybe a project at work, just different things like that that are everyday normal stressors that can make ED worse. So just learning to relax, learning different relaxation techniques to help you get into a more calm, open state of mind. Get plenty of healthy REM sleep. This can reduce anxiety and stress.

Also, communication with your partner. It’s crucial to express any time that you maybe feel more anxiety, just being able to communicate that with a partner. Let them know how you’re feeling about the situation. It will probably feel awkward, but on the other side of that quick uncomfortable moment probably lies a shortcut to restoring your sex life.

Anything you can do to help take that pressure off of you is going to be key in terms of achieving a satisfying sexual experience.

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