What A Healthy Diet for ED Looks Like

The “Food Pyramid” Is Old News

No, the Food Pyramid is not real. And there’s actually a lot of history behind the food pyramid. It should have been flipped around. There were a lot of financial connections that influenced that because–the bottom of the food pyramid was very grain-based, so it’s very cheap.

What Your Plate Should Look Like?

We’re trained to make eating really difficult when it doesn’t have to be. Something that your plate should look like, instead of making it really difficult or hard-to-follow rules and food pyramids, is if you designate half of your plate for a veggie, and not a starchy veggie either, like the leafy greens or carrots or broccoli, roasted broccoli. Any type of veggie would work.
And then the other ¼ of your plate should be a starchier veggie, like a potato, sweet potatoes, potatoes, or squashes. And you can also do, if you’re okay with certain grains, like rice or legumes or quinoa, something of that nature.

And then the ¼ of your plate should be your protein source, and the best protein source is going to be from animals, like a fish or a chicken or a grass-fed beefsteak or something of that nature.
If you really just focus on how your plate should look, you’re good to go. The starchy vegetables are more of your carb source, your animal protein is more of your protein source, and then veggies, of course, are—they’re a little bit of carbs.

Cooking with Fats

Then with cooking fat-wise, because fats are necessary, aiming to cook with maybe coconut or avocado oil is the best. Then using olive oil. I know a lot of people cook with olive oil, but olive oil shouldn’t be cooked with because at a certain temperature it can actually become a carcinogenic. So olive oil should be used raw. So like making your homemade salad dressing or maybe even drizzling it on top of a finished chicken breast for some flavor. But coconut and avocado oil are going to be your best bet for cooking.

No pasta. But if you’re naturally used to a grain-heavy diet, that’s okay, too. You can start just maybe reducing the amount that you eat. But there’s really great pastas out there that are more nutrient-dense, and that can be made from lentils or chickpea pasta which you will not even taste the difference. It’s more nutrient dense, more fiber and it’s better for you.

Everyone (and Their Diets) Are Different

We all live different lifestyles. We all have different genetics. So everything is different. So depending again—for your starchy—maybe you don’t do well with rice. Maybe you take it out and you try to reintroduce it and you’re like, “wow, I felt really bad the next day.” Leave it out! So it’s all about kind of testing your body.

But when you want to test your body, you want to give it a break for a couple of weeks and then reintroduce it. That’s how you know. Or you can get a food sensitivity test that will actually tell you which foods are producing inflammation. That’s usually the more expensive route, but that’s also effective if you just want to say, “no, I just want to know and I want to move on with my life and not test foods,” which can be sometimes very hectic.

Different “fad” diets for ED

“I have tried everything, all the different diets. How do I know what’s good for me? What do I do?”

I see a lot of people that are “yo-yo dieters.” They’re going up and down the roller coaster. Try working with a nutritionist or practitioner in your area. Find what foods work for you. I feel like when people diet they’re stuck in a mindset of “okay, I’m always dieting. This is very stressful. I just don’t feel well. I’m tired of doing it.” A lot of people are just so tired when they come to see me that they’re just ready for help.

What you can do is start focusing on just real foods; what you can grow and what you can kill. And then, avoid some of the packaged, processed foods. Then you can always slowly introduce certain foods back in.

Because we really need just three weeks of not eating, let’s say, rice. Then, when you introduce rice after three weeks, you can eat it and you will recognize if the rice made you feel bloated, or gave you gas, or a headache. That’s how you can figure out what foods work best for you. Again, everyone is different.

Starting With Foods You Can “Kill”

So you start with three weeks of just what you can kill.

Veggies, good animal proteins, fruits. Those are always going to be your most anti-inflammatory foods that you can start with. Sometimes that can be a little excessive. If you’re accustomed to say, donuts for dessert, you can start introducing a veggie with every meal, whether that be carrots, broccoli, whatever you’re familiar with.

Wine and Alcohol for Diet and ED

“Where does wine fit in? Can I still have wine? What if I get a sweet tooth.”

The first three days are the hardest because your body is detoxing. It’s used to something very sugar-heavy, maybe alcohol-heavy, and so you will go through a phase where you might not feel too great. So you do have to kind of get out of that, and just know that there is the light at the end of the tunnel.

But a lot of people, even within four days, start feeling really great, less inflamed, less bloated, and then from that point forward you feel more like, “this is amazing.” I’m going to keep going. So there’s a little bit of motivation. But, again, you don’t have to fully start so intense.

If you do feel like you want to start that, work with a practitioner because that’s what we do. We make things easy for you. But, again, just implement a veggie and an animal protein and just make it simple.

The Dangers of a Sugary Diet for Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve got some friends that cut out sugar entirely. It’s impossible. Sugar’s in everything, and often in something you would never suspect contained sugar. Even packaged. Anything packaged.
When we have a diet that’s high in sugar, it takes our testosterone and aromatizes it into estrogen. So now you’re at risk of having low testosterone, which everyone needs to maintain healthy hormone levels. Sugar can turn testosterone into estrogen.


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