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Welcome to the ED Guide – a groundbreaking video series featuring testimony, guidance, and at-home exercises from experts in sexual health and wellness. While these videos are being provided to the public free of charge, a personalized curriculum of videos can be assigned to you after purchasing a device and completing our scientific Baseline Assessment. To find out more about purchasing a device and getting a Giddy-recommended video curriculum, click here.

About Giddy and the Device

Unboxing Eddie by Giddy
Unboxing Eddie by Giddy Your Eddie will arrive in a discreet, sealed package. Everything inside [...]
How to Clean Eddie
How to Clean Eddie Eddie’s Materials So let’s talk about how to keep your Eddie clean and ready [...]
How to Wear Eddie
How to Wear Eddie Transcribed Audio: How do, people. Welcome to a new fun and fact-filled [...]
How to Size Eddie
How to Size for Eddie Transcribed Audio: Welcome back to Tool Talk. Now, in case you’re just [...]
How Eddie Should Feel
How Eddie Should Feel Transcribed Audio: Welcome back. Now, as some of you may have just seen, [...]

Learning about ED

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Mitigating the Aging Process
Mitigating the Aging Process So I’ve certainly heard the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose [...]
Nocturnal Erections
Nocturnal Erections and “Morning Wood” What is a nocturnal erection? A nocturnal erection is an [...]
ED Prevalence and Severity
ED Severity and Prevalence How common is ED? It depends how you look at it. Looking at a strict [...]
Treating your ED
Dr. Edwin Morales describes the effectiveness of different ED treatment options. This video is [...]
Hormone Imbalance
Dr. Lauryn Lax and Dr. Morales explain how your body's hormone levels affect erectile function.
Prostate Cancer and ED
Dr. Edwin Morales explains the connection between prostate cancer treatment and ED. This video [...]
Medications and ED
Medications Linked to Erectile dysfunction One of the very first things I would do to start [...]
Medical History and ED
Medical History and Erectile Dysfunction What are some of the main health conditions that [...]
Causes of ED
Causes of Erectile Dysfunction What are the common ED causes? There are many factors that go [...]
ED Defined
Defining Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Dr. Edwin Morales explains the different ways ED can be [...]
How an Erection Works
How an Erection Works The physiology of an erection So let’s talk about the physiology of [...]

Physical vs Mental ED

Depression and ED
How depression can cause ED, and vice versa.
Fight or Flight
Breaking down the parasympathetic nervous system, or "fight or flight mode", as it relates to ED.
Physical vs Mental ED
Physical vs Mental Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Achieving an Erection vs Keeping It “Is there a [...]
Re-Naming your ED
Expert Rachel Madorsky shares a helpful exercise for ED - asking "how" rather than "why."
Creating Normalcy with ED
Creating Normalcy with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) How common is ED? It partly depends how you [...]
The importance of self-awareness and a healthy, positive approach to treatment
The Expectancy Effect
Dr. Susan Ansorge describes the power of expectations when it comes to sex and ED.
Performance Anxiety
Performance Anxiety During Sex Performance anxiety is a term that certainly comes up when [...]

Relationships and Intimacy

Slow Down to Speed Up
The huge effect that "slowing down" can have in the context of sex and re-establishing intimacy.
Sensate Focus
Dr. Ansorge and expert Daphne Brown describe the popular therapy method called Sensate Focus.
Re-establishing Intimacy
How you can rebuild intimacy levels in the face of ED.
Love Languages
The 5 Love Languages The love languages are a way to define the ways we feel and show love. Not [...]
Relationship Maintenance
How working together as a couple can strengthen your bond and expand your sexual reportoire.
Dating with ED
Some advice for single guys on the dating scene that are dealing with ED.
Partner Communication Challenges
Psychologist Susan Ansorge talks about how to communicate with your partner(s) about ED.
First-Time Communication
ED as an opportunity to share open and honest communication with your partner(s) for the first time.
The Partner Perspective
What the partner of someone with ED can do to help communicate and reassure.
Judgment and Blame
The dangers of being too hard on yourself, and removing feelings of guilt and shame.

Lifestyle Improvements for ED

Importance of Physical Exercise
Dr. Harding talks about the importance of physical exercise while fighting ED, including [...]
Healthy Partner Lifestyle
How couples dealing with ED can support eachother to make positive lifestyle changes.
The Sedentary Lifestyle
The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and lifestyle tips during ED treatment. This video is part [...]
Lifestyle Medicine
Dr. Lax and Dr. Harding explain how gut health, stress, and hormones affect ED.
Importance of Sleep
How increasing your quality REM sleep can help with stress, anxiety, and ED.
Physical Stress
Dr. Harding and Dr. Lax talk about the physical effects that occur in the body while stressed.

Diet & Nutrition

Healthy Diet for Common Medical Issues
Healthy Diet for ED & Other Common Medical Issues So what are some common medical issues [...]
Nutritional Substitutions
Nutritional Substitutions for ED Sugar Is Bad for Erectile Dysfunction Sugar is the number one [...]
What Your Plate Should Look Like
What A Healthy Diet for ED Looks Like The "Food Pyramid" Is Old News No, the Food Pyramid is [...]
Adopting A Healthy Diet
Adopting A Healthy Diet for ED How to Start Reversing ED Right Now One of the first things is [...]
Importance of Gut Health
The Importance of Gut Health for ED Introducing Lauryn Lax, Nutritionist I help individuals [...]
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