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What Exactly Is Giddy?

Giddy is a new, utility patented, FDA Registered Class II Medical Device developed by urologists, engineers, and sex experts specifically to treat erectile dysfunction.

FDA-Registered Class II Medical Device

Giddy's shape and specifications were developed to provide an optimal fit, and a pressure-free performance.

Backed By Science

Giddy was carefully researched and developed by top urologists, engineers, and mathematicians to be an effective, prescription-free treatment for ED.

Easy to Use & Clean

Current ED treatments can be painful, kill the mood, and can result in negative side effects and health risks. Not Giddy. Plus, it cleans with just soap and water!

What Makes Giddy Different?

40% of men worldwide struggle with erectile dysfunction. Still, the only treatment options are pills, which can result in negative side effects, or outdated pumps and constriction devices that can be painful to use and kill the mood.

For such a common issue, there aren’t many treatment options that are safe and affordable. Until Giddy.


The science behind Giddy is its state-of-the-art shape and design that places optimal pressure on the dorsal vein while leaving arteries unencumbered for improved blood flow. All while the urethra is left un-restricted for a natural finish.

Giddy comes in 3 different sizes and with tension bands that provide an ideal fit for your body. Take the short FIT QUIZ after placing your order and we’ll match you with the perfect sized Giddy!

how giddy works

How Does It Work?


What happy customers are
saying about Giddy

Over 3,000 customers have gotten Giddy.

“I really like that it treats ED without all the nausea and headaches I used to get from my ED pills.”

Patrick - Indianapolis, IN

“I’m so happy my husband and I found Giddy. It’s been a total life-saver for our marriage.”

Kelly - Austin, TX

“Giddy is the first ED treatment I’ve tried that has provided me and my wife with breakthrough results, being effective without killing the mood.”

Michael - Los Angeles, CA


ED Meds
$2,000 Average Price

ED Pumps
$350 Average Price


Only $99 (70%+ In Savings)


ED is a spectrum disorder. So, Giddy created a 30-day ED treatment program that addresses the physical and psychological factors. 

This 30-day ED treatment program is full of information and resources to help you regain control and it’s COMPLETELY FREE with your Giddy purchase.

This long-term approach to ED treatment is part of Giddy’s mission to help all men achieve a life of optimal sex, health, and wellness.

giddy and ed
30 day money back guarantee

Still not convinced?

Money-Back Guarantee

Giddy knows buying ED treatment online can be stressful, so we’ve taken out the risk. Giddy comes with a money-back guarantee.

Giddy is so confident our ED treatment program can improve your ED in 30 days, we’ll refund your purchase if it doesn’t.

Give Giddy a shot, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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