5 Surprising ED Effects and How to Treat Them Naturally

5 Surprising ED Effects and How to Treat Them Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects more than just a man’s sex life. Its effects can extend beyond the bedroom into major facets of everyday life; toppling confidence levels, romantic relationships, and even work performance. If you or your partner is struggling with ED, it’s important to know the full impact of ED’s effects, and how you can treat them naturally.


Stress levels can skyrocket if a man is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Frustration can take hold making it even more difficult to gain or maintain an erection. When the body becomes stressed, it may actually trigger the body’s natural fight-or-flight response. This causes blood to be pulled back away from the central body (this includes the penis) and out to external limbs like the legs and hands. This makes erections less likely to occur, since blood flow in the penis is important for an erection.


Many men place great emphasis on the success of their sexual productivity. If ED symptoms are diagnosed, it can cause self-esteem rifts even in the most confident man. Many feel a sense of inadequacy and guilt caused by the perceived lack of ability. The combination of these things can greatly damage one’s self-esteem. Men may begin to doubt their performance in other facets of their lives like at work, or at the gym.


Anxiety is often high for men who have ED or suspect they may be experiencing its early symptoms. Often, men become increasingly worried and hyper-aware of any changes to their performance, no matter how slight the change may actually be. This heightened self-awareness often has men diagnosing themselves with ED when it’s really erectile dissatisfaction they may be experiencing. Either way, performance anxiety greatly hinders erections and increases the body’s stress level.


While ED affects an individual, it can greatly damage a relationship if open communication and patience are lacking. Romantic partners often blame ED on themselves by thinking they’re not attractive to their partners anymore. This can cause tension, anger, and frustration that’s difficult to rectify if there’s not a thorough understanding of erectile dysfunction by all individuals involved in a sexual relationship.


Obsession over ED can easily occur if proper mental and physical health steps are ignored. Depression is a real medical condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Talk to your doctor and do your own research if you’re experiencing signs of ED to avoid struggling with more intensive psychological issues.

It’s important to understand that a man’s sexual arousal and performance is complex, and involves everything from the brain, to blood vessels, to daily emotions. Because of the complex connection between the physical with the emotional, ED treatment should be a multi-pronged approach. 

At Giddy, we offer a 30-day ED treatment plan to utilize alongside our FDA-registered erectile dysfunction medical device. As outlined in certain sections of the 30-day treatment guide, it’s also important to complete physical and mental check-ins to evaluate a man’s health, along with having open, honest communication with sex partners. This can lead to a better understanding of ED and prevent couples from drifting apart. ED happens. Treat it, move forward, and keep having great sex. Try Giddy with our money-back guarantee.

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