My Life with ED: How a 48-Year-Old Nurse Lives with Erectile Dysfunction

My Life with ED: How a 48-Year-Old Nurse Lives with Erectile Dysfunction

There are statistics estimating that nearly half of American men experience some type of sexual complication, like erectile dysfunction. Despite how common ED can be, talking about potential solutions can cause communication and frustration issues between partners. Because conversations about ED are usually discussed as the male’s problem, a woman’s perspective is often ignored, or misunderstood. Female partners often don’t know how to talk about the struggles of a life with ED, including with their partner.

The truth of the matter is that ED can cause great distress to women. Anger, frustration and plummeting self-confidence can all manifest as a result of ED for women. If proper lines of communication aren’t established, men can become withdrawn and they may avoid physical contact entirely, which can make matters worse.

At Giddy, we aim to end the stigma around erectile dysfunction. Today we bring you a first-hand account of a wife whose husband has dealt with ED for some time now. Her powerful comments in our interview bring attention to how much ED can affect a relationship. She chose to remain anonymous, so we’ll call her Sarah.

Sarah is 48 years old and lives in Minnesota. She’s been married to her husband for 17 years. He began experiencing ED as a result of his hypertension and diabetes medication. Often, prescription drugs can cause ED side effects because they restrict the flow of blood, which greatly affects erections. Sarah is a nurse and is open to trying different ED medications, however, her husband has shut down ED treatment because he does not want to take additional pills on top of his current prescriptions. Sarah admits she’s stopped discussing potential solutions because her husband becomes defensive.

He gets defensive and says all I want is sex and that's not true. I do miss the intercourse, but I also miss the physical contact. He thinks I want sex all the time but I just want a little now and then.

This sentiment is expressed time and time again by women. A lack of sex shouldn’t be a cause to stop physical contact completely. Being intimate doesn’t always have to include sexual penetration. Many women feel like Sarah. She says, “I do not always want sex. I want the intimacy of the relationship, of being touched and held in the naked state.”

I feel lonely.. I miss the intimacy of our relationship. I miss the nakedness that we used to have. I liked having sex and the feeling of him inside me. I want to be touched by him and not a machine.

In addition to naked cuddling, couples can try manual or oral stimulation, along with long bouts of kissing. If couples decide to try having sex again, Giddy’s ED device is a great all-natural option, especially for men who don’t want to take ED medications. Giddy’s ED device doesn’t have any of the side effects that ED pills have and it’s much more discreet than pumps.

While discussing erectile dysfunction can be difficult, it’s important for women to be open about the situation. No woman should feel solely responsible for her partner’s erectile dysfunction. However, women can be supportive and acknowledge the issue gently. Doctors suggest speaking of ED as matter-of-factly as possible, and to encourage a doctor’s visit since ED can be an underlying symptom of other health issues. It’s important to be warm and encouraging as many men feel a great deal of embarrassment. Keep the lines of emotional communication open to avoid feeling lonely and isolated. It’s your sex life too, and women have the right to find viable solutions for their partners as well as themselves.

My advice to others would be that ED is something all couples are likely to experience in their relationship at some point, and that it's nice to have other women to talk to about it. Women you don't necessary have to meet in person. ED's the elephant in the room that's just sitting there.

If you’re someone who is living a life with ED and would like to share your story, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We encourage men and women to share their experiences, whether anonymously or publicly, to further the conversation around erectile dysfunction, relationships, and sexual health and wellness.

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