Summer Penises are Real and They’re Great

Summer Penises are Real and They’re Great

What Is “Summer Penis”?

The term “Summer Penis” was coined by Tracy Moore, who pretty much nails it in her Mel Magazine article. In short, Summer Penis refers to the phenomenon of male genitals appearing slightly larger, or fuller, in warmer weather. The ‘condition’ was first brought to light on social media, but it wasn’t just online exaggerations about average penis size – there is medical evidence that Summer Penis is real. And, for those who care about penis size, it’s pretty hard not to like.

“Summer penis is a temporary dick fluctuation that, thanks to the heat and warmth, gives you a months-long leg-up on shaft size. It’d be like if a woman’s boobs suddenly got huge from May to August.” – Tracy Moore, Mel Magazine

The Science of Summer Penis

Doctors confirm that Summer Penis does exist, although the term may not be published in medical journals any time soon. It’s argued that sweating and drinking more water in hotter weather makes organs appear bloated, including sexual organs like the penis. Additionally, the body naturally swells in the summer due to accumulating fluid known as edema.

Summer heat causes the salt and water inside the penis to run off, so the body sends water back to the penis, but it essentially overcompensates; causing the penis to swell as fluid fills the spaces in between cells.

It’s not just the penis. Let’s say you’ve been hiking all day in the summer heat, and your fingers and ankles become swollen, sometimes uncomfortably. Or you’ve been playing soccer in the sun and your legs become puffy, and more difficult to move around. Those are also examples of edema.

So, basically, a well-hydrated penis makes it appear a little bit larger than usual. And no one’s complaining.

What Men Are Saying About Summer Penis

Some of the earliest talk of Summer Penis is from 2016, when a Reddit user who calls himself Guillermo calls attention to his changing penis size during different seasons. As usual on Reddit, entertaining (but thought-provoking) comments ensued. There’s talk of being a grower vs. shower, Summer Penis being homeostasis, or the body regulating its temperature, flaccid versus erect, and well, some clear over-exaggerations:

Enough About Dick Size. What Are Summer Testicles?

One thing that hasn’t come up yet: testicles. What does Summer Penis or warm weather mean for your balls? Studies suggest that most body parts, including the testicles, can ‘grow’ or ‘shrink’ depending on the temperature. Most guys will agree, there’s a clear connection between cold conditions and penis size. This Reddit user (apparently with severe Summer Testicles) knows what we’re talking about:

Summer Penis is Changing Growers into Showers

More men are becoming aware of what it means to be a grower vs. shower. Basically, some men’s penises appear larger, and more full, while not engaging in sexual activity, while some men’s penises will appear smaller, or less full, until engaging in sexual activity, where it grows significantly in size. On social media, men are quick to comment that higher temperatures cause their penises to appear larger, improve their erections, and let them instead enjoy being a grower not a shower.

Urologist Dr Jamin Brahmbhatt, from The PUR Clinic in Florida, argues that the size of man’s penis always stays the same, regardless of the weather, but that blood vessels near the surface may contract to maintain heat. Brahmbhatt told Mel:

“Summer or winter, your penis size should remain the same. When it’s cold outside, your body does try to maintain its internal heat, and therefore things may appear to be more contracted. When it’s cold outside, blood vessels near the skin contract to maintain the internal heat. However, this type of body heat regulation should not affect the overall size of your penis. It honestly makes so small of a difference you cannot measure it when it comes to length or girth.”

Ok, maybe Summer Penis isn’t not going to make a HUGE difference, or actually increase your dick size. But, if you notice the difference in size, if it makes you walk a little taller, or feel a bit sexier walking around naked, we say enjoy the feeling and take advantage.

The Dangers of Summer Penis

This section is short, because there are no dangers associated with Summer Penis. It’s a reason to celebrate, not stress! However, if a part of your body is swelling and painful, or appears to be going beyond slight seasonal fluctuation, it could be a sign of infection, or something related to the heart or kidneys. If you ever have concerns, consult a doctor.

At worst, the concept of dick size fluctuating in the heat might skew the stats of average male penis size. But who cares! There’s too much talk, focus, and pressure around average penis size, anyway. There’s so much more to life, and intimacy, and pleasure. We talk more about this, as well as breaking the stigma about average male penis size, in our ED Guide Video Series.

And, don’t let summer penis get to your head (the one on your neck). Brahmbhatt said it best:

“Sorry, guys, moving to warmer climates doesn’t get you one step closer to the adult film industry. At least, not in the offseason.”

I Have Summer Penis. Now What?

Enjoy it! Flaunt it. Show it off while it lasts. Winter weather will return eventually. And where there’s Summer Penis, there’s probably “Winter Penis”, which sounds less fun.

Some ideas for your Summer Penis: Wear tighter pants, take pics to remember the occasion, or casually walk past your partner like you don’t notice the size boost… “What, this ol’ thing?”

If you don’t think Summer Penis is happening to you, it’s ok. Your penis has always been there for you – don’t turn on it during colder days. Perhaps Summer Penis is all in your head anyway, kind of like big dick energy. Getting excited about Summer Penis is fair, and harmless. Brahmbhatt actually suggests (and Giddy agrees) it’s a constructive thing for men to do:

“I personally think it’s great coverage. Anything that gets guys talking about their health is a good thing. Hopefully through the reading guys will gain some knowledge beyond the size issue on penile health.”

Giddy Loves Summer Penis

At Giddy, we love anything (mostly) that can help a guy feel better about himself, or spark a fun, intimate moment with a partner. Penis size fluctuation is something we know a lot about, and it’s not always fun in the sun. The truth is, 1 in 4 men are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), or erectile dissatisfaction. ED is affecting the sex lives of men and their partners across the globe. We hate that. So we did something about it.

In addition to our online resources about ED, we developed a wearable product to help men maintain an erection. It’s called Eddie, and it’s not something you can pick up at a sex shop. It’s an FDA Registered Class II medical device. Perhaps Eddie can help you keep that Summer Penis feeling all year long.

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