Size Insurance – 1 Pack





Product Description

Protect your investment with Size Insurance. If you purchase Size Insurance, we will happily provide a resized device free of charge.

Please note:

  1. Size Insurance can be purchased at checkout, or after you have already placed your order.
  2. Resizes must be made within the first 60 days of receiving your most recent order.
  3. Resizes must be a different size than all previous orders.
  4. Size Insurance is non-refundable.

Size Insurance Costs:

$19 $29


If you do not have Size Insurance at the time of receiving your order, new or resized devices are available at full price only. Because our product is a medical device used during sexual activity, we can not recycle, re-purpose, repackage, or reuse the product in any way. This is why we must charge fees to cover essential costs.

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