Place Your Re-Size Order (2-step process)

Step 1: Find your new size

Use the size calculator below to determine your best size.

Please note: You won’t be able to order the same size as before. See the yellow box below for your previous size.

Size Calculator

Start by selecting whether you want to measure your penis or select your condom size.

Toggle Sizing Method:

Measuring TapeCondom Size

Use a soft measuring tape or string to measure the girth of your penis (see illustrations below). If using a string, measure the length of string that wrapped around once. The measuring tape or string should feel snug, but not tight.




3. Girth Measurement (see above): inches

3. Girth Measurement (see above): and

Enter Measurement as a:


We recommend using a size: b.

Please make sure all fields have an entry.

Step 2: Select Your Size & Submit

After you've calculated your new size, select your re-order size from the dropdown menu below, then submit.

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