After returning from deployment, it can be difficult to go back to "normal life.” Intimacy and relationships can be even harder to navigate than before, especially if you're experiencing ED.

Your ED treatment shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all or full of side-effects that leave you numb, senseless, and nauseous.

We developed a body-safe treatment option that addresses both physical and psychological factors involved in what causes ED. You support and defend our country, Eddie is here to support & defend your sexual health and wellness.

You deserve better.

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Fill out the form below to find our ED device called Eddie near you.

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is an effective ED treatment that puts you in control.

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Innovative & effective

Eddie is a unique innovation in ED treatment that’s just as effective as it is comfortable.

No pills

Eddie is an effective, body-safe treatment for ED that doesn’t require another pill with more side effects.

Personalized for you

Between our four distinct sizes as well as our ED Guide Video Library personalized curriculum, we offer you an ED treatment unmatched in the market for what you need.

No Rx necessary

Eddie is an effective ED treatment that's more accessible than other forms.

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"An ingenious and effective marital aid. I was reluctant at first, chalking it up to "yet another gimmick". I was blown away by how perfectly the Giddy worked on date night! I am a believer, my spouse is definitely all about the results Giddy made happen. As a Military Veteran with 90% disability, there are so many medications involved in my treatment that when Giddy arrived and was first used, it was an empowerment and self-steem booster to be able to enjoy intimate time with my loved one. Thank you!" 

- Tristan